Edel Digital Academy - Apprenticeship

Our apprenticeship program under the Edel Digital Academy aims at preparing young people for the future of work in the digital economy.

The Academy is an innovation factory – where collaboration between companies and students or young entrepreneurs in the STEM field happens.

Edel Digital Academy aims at:

  • Enhancing skills, knowledge and competencies of the youth and young entrepreneurs whose passion is in Digital Marketing and IT
  • Helping the youth develop viable IT solutions
  • Transforming lives through education

Program Onboarding

We conduct short trainings or bootcamps for those interested and during the interactions we identify talent needed for the ongoing projects. Our programs run for a duration of 2 months – 1 year


  • Completion of O levels
  • Basic Computer/digital skills
  • Passion in digital marketing or IT


  • Meet peers and network
  • Certificate of participation
  • After training support

Next Cohort: 12th Aug, 2020 – 30th Sep, 2020